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“This is a superb book and so hard to put down and so easy to read. Having gone through single-hood now twice in my life and sometimes looking for love in all the wrong places, this book helps you look for love in the right places and the right ways. I recommend the book to everyone in the searching mode. It is a tremendous asset and I will continue to use it as my handbook for internet relationships. Thank you Chris for your wisdom, wit, and wonderful writing”.

Kathy R., Maple Shade, NJ

“Let’s Meet Our Match”, Your Complete Guide to Success in the World of Internet Dating, is authored by Christopher T. Smith and edited by Robert L. Francis.

A step-by-step, “A to Z” method to utilizing online dating and social networking sites for maximum results, “Let’s Meet Our Match” is a guidebook that helps minimize difficulties while alleviating the negativity, fears, and stigmas associated with them. Online dating and social networking sites are the largest and fastest growing web sites on the Internet. With how we meet and get to know new people forever changed, the time has come to embrace all of the possibilities and opportunities this exciting medium has to offer. Beginning with a discussion of Internet dating and the process in general, Christopher moves on to more in-depth details and insight regarding such topics as: what a dating web site is and the different types that are available, the pros and cons of different types of sites, what to expect from the experience, how to select sites that fit your needs and expectations, strategies for creating an effective profile and narrative, the importance of photographs and what to focus on when taking/uploading them, how to contact and communicate with other site users for maximum positive effect, making your first date as pleasant as possible, the definition and explanation of chemistry and it’s vital importance, and how to detect and keep yourself safe from scams and frauds.

Personal stories add background, color, and a lighthearted touch, such as when Christopher’s date excused herself to go to the bathroom, slipped out the back door and never returned! An enjoyable, easy-to-read text that maintains interest throughout, Christopher’s debut will motivate you to get to the next page and the text’s next piece of advice and insight. Written to be useful for all ages and gender, either already using or considering using online dating and social networking web sites, “Let’s Meet Our Match” will give you the confidence, knowledge, and important steps to take so you can easily weather the ins and outs of Internet dating, achieve a positive experience, and meet that one special person.

“Way to go Chris!! I had the opportunity to read “Let’s Meet Our Match”. What a great book, with great ideas, hints, suggestions, and great advice to help you along the way of internet dating. I have heard many along the way, say they are scared or worried to try internet dating. This book really gives you the tools to relax and jump in…..your love might be right around the corner”.

Kathy G., Runnemede, NJ


“Chris, Your advice to all who are on dating sites is “right on!” Congratulations, my friend”.

Barbara G., Claymont, DE


“It is so wonderful to read something well written from someone you know who is passionate about the subject….Chris…You did a great job highlighting the pitfalls and rewards associated with online dating….I hope you find your perfect match some day….”!

Teri R., Collegeville, PA