A Complete Guide to Online Dating

"Let's Meet Our Match", Your Complete Guide to Success in the World of Internet Dating, is authored by Christopher T. Smith and edited by Robert L. Francis. Christopher T. Smith is single and has been utilizing Internet dating and social networking web sites for over 9 years. He is currently a resident of New Jersey, living in close proximity to the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He possesses keen powers of observation and an innate ability to get to the "root" or "heart" of matters by being logical, practical, and using common sense. He has experienced all of the difficulties, disappointments, and pitfalls while searching for a companion, that using the various ....

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Written to be useful for all ages and gender either already using or considering using online dating and social networking web sites, Let’s Meet Our Match will give you the confidence, knowledge, and important steps to take so you can weather the ins and outs of Internet dating, achieve a positive experience, and meet that one special person.

Personal stories add background, color, and a lighthearted touch, such as when Smith’s date excused herself to go to the bathroom, slipped out the back door and never returned! An enjoyable, easy-to-read text that maintains interest throughout, Smith’s debut will motivate you to get to the next page.

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